Smart Things for the Connected HomeTM

NetBox provides to operators a lean structure to access Asian manufacturers

20 tier 1 and 2 service operators worldwide have deployed NetBox® s products

N7800 Hybrid HEVC

With HEVC HD support, the 7800 allows more services to reach every home, even with limited IP bandwidth. Designed to support HTML5.

N7900 Hybrid 4K

Adding UHD support (4Kp60), the 7900 gives access to a new level of television experience with premium video content.

N8500 PVR

A powerfull Media Center combining 1 TB local storage with 4 DVB frontends and secure cloud served IPTV streams. The 8500 is designed to support HTML5 applications and distribute streams to mobile devices at home.

N8600 4K PVR

Based on the N8500 with UHD (4Kp60), the 8600 is a high performance multi-screen system that provides a unique entertainment experience.

N9400 4K Video Gateway

The 9400 is a "OneBox" concept combining a 4K STB and a powerful home gateway.

Home Network Devices

Netbox also provides with its partners a line of access products for the home:

DSL router, DOCSIS router, LTE NetBox, Homeplug AV...

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